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VRTO Virtual reality meetup Toronto


A unique, international exhibition and professional conference exploring arts, culture and science through immersive technologies.


June 24th-26th

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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[/cth_countdown][cth_addtocalendar event_start=”2017-06-24 09:00:00″ event_end=”2017-06-26 18:00:00″ timezone=”America/Toronto” event_title=”VRTO Conference & Expo 2016″ location=”Toronto (Canada – Ontario)” organizer=”VRTO” organizer_email=”info@virtualreality.to”]VRTO (Virtual Reality, Toronto) organization hosts their Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference and Expo.


[cth_featurebox icon=”earth-globe-streamline” title=”Why VRTO?”]Our aim is to empower people to share their world, culture, knowledge and dreams with the assistance of emergent immersive technologies.

Comprising a team of experienced professionals in immersive technology and computing, entertainment, event production and conference building, VRTO is a virtual and augmented reality Meetup Group that has run several Canadian firsts including the largest VR showcase in Ontario (VAR Show July 2015) and the FIVARS festival – the first virtual and augmented reality stories festival of its kind in Canada (September 2015).[/cth_featurebox][cth_featurebox icon=”computer-network-streamline” title=”Professional International Conference”]A full conference with many key, international and domestic speakers, and panelists featuring keynotes by Prof. Steve Mann (Meta), Hollywood director Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man), Ana Serrano (CDO of CFC), Prof. Phillip Lelyveld (USC)[/cth_featurebox][cth_featurebox icon=”computer-network-streamline” title=”Historic Town Hall and Ethics Consortium”]Read about the historic Code of Ethics on Humanistic Augmentation that was ratified at VRTOC2016.[/cth_featurebox]

[cth_featurebox icon=”speech-streamline-talk-user” title=”Intensive Training”]

Educational rooms where local and international industry leaders share their experience and wisdom on immersive video production, and authoring interactive content for virtual reality – for two full days. Learn more…

[/cth_featurebox][cth_featurebox icon=”barista-coffee-espresso-streamline” title=”The Hacker’s Guide to the Metaverse”]With the VR revolution here, we are re-imagining the web itself as a place that people will one day inhabit. Get a hands-on approach to creating your own virtual worlds directly in the web browser. Learn how to make multiplayer 3D websites for virtual reality and perhaps more importantly, witness the birth of the next web from the very people who are building it. Learn more…[/cth_featurebox][cth_featurebox icon=”caddie-shopping-streamline” title=”Exhibits Hall”]A dynamic and diverse exhibition hall with interactive exhibitors, products and vendors and over 17 unique interactive content demos. Check out EscapeTombVR from Globacore – a room-scale VR experience that’s been ported to the Vive for demo at VRTO as an experimental work to showcase the possibility of “backtop” style computers enabling un-tethered, un-restricted movement in large virtual environments![/cth_featurebox]

[cth_featurebox icon=”camera-streamline-video” title=”FIVARS Immersive Content Pavilion”]

FIVARS Virtual Reality Festival
An Immersive content pavilion experience curated by FIVARS (The Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories) featuring the best immersive story-driven content from around the world with the aim of exploring and nurturing this platform for new narrative forms including several world premieres and their producers, directors and actors!

Note: A FIVARS ticket or Super Pass is required to attend this pavilion in order to avoid wait times and ensure a comfortable viewing experience.[/cth_featurebox]

Keynote Speaker: Professor Steve Mann


Prof. Steve Mann, PhD (MIT ’97), P.Eng. (Ontario), Chief Scientist, Metavision and Rotman CDL, pictured here with 3 of his inventions: EyeTap Digital Eye Glass, Smartwatch, and the SWIM (Sequential Wave Imprinting Machine) which makes radio waves appear to sit still (“sitting waves” rather than standing waves) by shearing the spacetime continuum at the exact angle that makes the speed of light appear is if it is exactly equal to zero. This is called phenomenological augmented reality. Mann is also the inventor of HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging, and is widely regarded as “the father of wearable computing.”

Sunday June 26th, 2016 – 9:15am – Conference Room 1 (Alumni Lounge)
Conference Pass or Super Pass Required

Special Saturday Night Performance:
H2Orchestra/ARchestra: Phenomenological augmented reality with water.
Musicians: Ryan Janzen, Ken Yang, and Steve Mann.
Name of composition: “Codecert: Code of Ethics on Virtuality, Robotics, and Human Augmentation” by Steve Mann and Ryan Janzen.

Saturday, June 25th 2016 – 8pm – Exhibition Hall – Concourse Level 4
Note: A Super Pass is required to attend this performance

Keynote: Director Brett Leonard

Brett Leonard directing Triumph 2015 “The Mythic Story of VR: Transformation or Control?”

For over 25 years, Brett Leonard has been at the forefront of the digital media revolution – whether it be as Director/Writer of the groundbreaking cult-classic film Lawnmower Man, which introduced the concept of Virtual Reality to popular culture – or being the first to pioneer modern stereoscopic techniques and photo-realistic CGI in his hit IMAX 3D film “T-Rex” – or introducing American audiences to Russell Crowe and many other talents both in front of and behind the camera – Brett’s work as a visionary Director/Producer/Futurist has always pushed the edge of innovation in the entertainment industry. Brett is now passionately focused on defining truly interactive narrative entertainment for the new emerging mediums of VR/AR.

Sunday, June 26th, 2016 – 2pm – Conference Hall 1 (Alumni Lounge)
Conference Pass or Super Pass required

The 2016 Conference Speakers, Presenters & Panelists

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[cth_speakers dots=”true” autoplay=”true”][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Brett Leonard” speakerjob=”Director (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2067″]The Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Philip Lelyveld” speakerjob=”VR/AR Initiative program lead (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2090″]Entertainment Technology Center, USC’s School of Cinematic Arts[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Ana Serrano” speakerjob=”Chief Digital Officer (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2189″]Canadian Film Centre[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Nick Bicanic” speakerjob=”Director, CEO (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2130″]RVLVR[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Christina Heller” speakerjob=”CEO and Co-Founder (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2114″]VR Playhouse[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Adam Cosco” speakerjob=”Virtual Reality Director (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2194″]adamcosco.com[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Ruth Birman” speakerjob=”VR Consultant (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”1927″][/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Philippe Lewicki” speakerjob=”Captain (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2233″]HTML Fusion[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Tim Dashwood ” speakerjob=”360VR Post-Solutions Developer (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2165″]Dashwood 360VR[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Jeff Preyra” speakerjob=”Producer (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2309″]360 Story Lab[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Lucie Lalumière” speakerjob=”Founder (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2139″]Lalumiere Media[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Keram Malicki-Sanchez” speakerjob=”Director (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2564″]FIVARS Festival[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Murray McKercher” speakerjob=”Co-Founder (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”1982″]EyeLIVE[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Srinivas Krishna” speakerjob=”Founder (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2362″]AWE Company[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Kibaya Njenga” speakerjob=”Project Manager (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2231″]SULON[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Morgan Young” speakerjob=”CEO & Co-Founder (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2137″]Quantum Capture[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Ian Tuason” speakerjob=”Founder (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2245″]DimensionGate[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Slavica Ceperkovic” speakerjob=”Professor (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2299″]Seneca College, School of Media[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Khayyam Wakil” speakerjob=”VR Strategy & Innovation (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2042″]Live Planet[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Nyla Innuksuk” speakerjob=”Producer/ Owner (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2196″]Pinnguaq[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Alex Davies” speakerjob=”Tech Writer, VR Advocate (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2634″]UploadVR[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Ben Unsworth” speakerjob=”President and Co-Founder (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2210″]Globacore[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Richard Broo” speakerjob=”Founder and CEO (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2100″]Wemersive[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Russell Wu” speakerjob=”Creative Director – (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2537″]Dirtywork VR[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Andrew MacDonald” speakerjob=”Creative Director (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2146″] Cream 360[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”J. Lee Williams” speakerjob=”VFX+Animation Director (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”1996″]Occupied VR[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Samantha Mathews” speakerjob=”Co-Founder and CEO (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2037″]Venn.Agency[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Craig Alguire” speakerjob=”Technical Director (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2134″]Quantum Capture[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Nancy Eperjesy ” speakerjob=”Co-Founder (Montreal)” speakeravatar=”2711″]Mettle[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Graeme Moffat” speakerjob=”PhD – VP of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2694″]Muse[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Gareth Seltzer” speakerjob=”Founding Investor (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2700″]RYOT[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Ian Forester” speakerjob=”Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2109″]VR Playhouse[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Blair Renaud” speakerjob=”CEO/Creative Lead (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”1959″]IRIS VR[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Lee Vermeulen” speakerjob=”Co-founder (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2103″]Alientrap Games[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Bernie Roehl” speakerjob=”Software Developer (Guelph, ON)” speakeravatar=”1926″]Virtual Escapes[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Philip Plough” speakerjob=”President (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2452″]Persistence Productions[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Frederic Guarino” speakerjob=”Founder (Montréal)” speakeravatar=”2461″]VR Valley Network[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Jason Diamond | The Diamond Brothers” speakerjob=”Co-Founder (NY)” speakeravatar=”2334″]Supersphere[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Isaac Rayment” speakerjob=”Founder (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2122″]Four Eleven[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”JF Tremblay” speakerjob=”Lead Practice AR/VR (Montreal)” speakeravatar=”2458″]Valtech Canada[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Josh Maldonado” speakerjob=”Co-founder (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2106″]DISCOVR[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Keith Makse” speakerjob=”CEO (Kitchener, ON)” speakeravatar=”2150″]Red Meat Games[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Pierre Friquet” speakerjob=”VR Filmmaker, Co-founder” speakeravatar=”2310″]MRKI (Mixed Reality Kinetic Immersion)[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Chris Bobotis” speakerjob=”360/VR Software Architect (Montreal, QC)” speakeravatar=”2154″]Mettle [/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Rosemarie Troche” speakerjob=”Writer, Director, Producer ” speakeravatar=”2642″]Alfrobel Inc.[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Alexei Gavriline” speakerjob=”President (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2036″]Mobile Capital Network[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”John Hamilton” speakerjob=”CEO (Montreal)” speakeravatar=”2460″]Unlimited[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Robin Ingle” speakerjob=”CEO” speakeravatar=”2493″]Ingle Insurance[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Rick Dolishny” speakerjob=”VR Animation Studio (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”1929″]ardeeXYZ[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Awane Jones” speakerjob=”Founder (Montreal)” speakeravatar=”2459″]Merchlar/5th Wall[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Alan Smithson” speakerjob=”Co-Founder & CEO (Toronto)” speakeravatar=”2209″]MetaVRse[/cth_speakers_item][cth_speakers_item speakername=”Alu” speakerjob=”Chief Hacker (Los Angeles)” speakeravatar=”2615″]Venn.Agency[/cth_speakers_item][/cth_speakers]


VRTOC2016 would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors, many of whom are independent startups, perhaps just like you! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the VRTO Conference & EXPO 2016, and reaching the heart of the Canadian entertainment and tech industry, please see the contact section below.

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VRTOC2016 is very grateful to our media partners and friends for helping to connect the communities together. If you are interested in helping to spread the word about the VRTO Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & EXPO 2016, and reaching the heart of the Canadian entertainment and tech industry, please see the contact section below.

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Where to stay/eat

Finding a good hotel can be tricky. Fortunately there are many hotels and restaurants located near the event. Be sure to reserve early however, as Toronto is a very busy city in the summer months!

The cost of the hotel accommodation and travel is not included in the event fee. For corporate accommodation rate, please contact us directly.

[cth_hotel_search latitude=”43.6622785″ longitude=”-79.37830150000002″ distance=”2000″ types=”lodging,parking,restaurant,transit_station,night_club,hospital,bar,atm”]

The VRTO Conference and Expo is for all ages over 13, though some demos may not accommodate minors. Tickets are non-refundable. VRTO attendance does not guarantee access to any particular demo, but rather the event as a whole.

By attending Virtual Reality Toronto Conference and Expo 2016 (aka “VRTO Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference and Expo,” “VRTO Con,” or “VRTOC”) at 50 Carlton St. Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre (“the Location”) on June 25th – 27th, 2016, you release VRTO Conference and Expo, the Location, all of the event’s organizers, volunteers, employees, exhibitors, vendors and contractors from any and all liability – financial or otherwise – that may arise from my attendance at the above mentioned event. You are hereby aware that some people experience nausea, disorientation, motion sickness, general discomfort, headaches or other health issues when experiencing virtual reality.

Your entry signals your agreement to take full responsibility for these or any other consequences that may arise from attendance at VRTO Conference and Expo. Be aware that some content being exhibited is in an unfinished, prototype state, and may heighten the above sensations. Demo experiences are explicitly not intended for users under 13 years of age, and your entry signals your agreement to take full responsibility for any use of virtual reality or any other technologies exhibited at VRTO Conference and Expo by any minors in your care. By remaining on the premises you agree you will not pursue legal action against VRTO Conference and Expo, the Location, any of the event’s organizers, volunteers, employees, exhibitors, vendors, or contractors for any damages – real or perceived – arising from attendance at VRTO Conference and Expo. If you do not wish to be subject to the foregoing, please do not attend VRTO Conference and Expo.

Your attendance signals your irrevocable consent to, and authorization without compensation for VRTO, its successors, assigns, contractors and other film crews permitted by the VRTO to film at VRTO Conference and Expo, to use your likeness, voice, and to make video and audio recordings of your attendance at VRTO Conference and Expo. You are hereby aware of such recording, and relinquish your rights to any compensation for any release of these recordings in any media now extant or to be devised in the future. If you do not wish to be subject to the foregoing, please do not attend VRTO Conference and Expo.