Intensive Immersive Media Training Days 2016Intensive Immersive Media Training Days

Immersive Video Intensive Training – Day 1

[Sunday June, 26th 2016]
A full day of intensive training in pre, principal and post-production all the way through distribution and marketing opportunities from professional experts in the field from Canada, US and abroad. This course focuses on many different cameras, and is platform agnostic. While it covers a broad spectrum it will get down into the nitty gritty details too. You will undoubtedly learn more than you can write down!

Interactive Software Intensive Training – Day 2

[Monday 27th 2016]
A full day of intensive training in interactive virtual and augmented reality using game development platforms and SDKs, alongside other authoring solutions from industry experts. Social VR and interactive design approaches, UI and UX, storytelling methods and animation for VR will also be explored. An unmissable upgrade to your learning and development path.

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