Linda Ricci
"What a fabulously interesting, thought provoking, CREATIVE experience this turned out to be. What really makes VRTO stand out is the depth of sustained interaction you get with other attendees; conversations are much deeper and "real" than I've every had at other events."

Linda Ricci
Decahedralist Consulting
Brett Leonard
"This is a great virtual version of the greatest VR conference in the world (and I've been to a few, believe me)!

Brett Leonard
Studio Lightship
Nancy Baker-Cahill
"Keram Malicki-Sanchez thank you for always thinking outside the box, pushing boundaries, pioneering new models of creative exchange, and making space for innovative thinkers outside the mainstream."

Nancy Baker-Cahill
Artist and Creative Director
4th Wall App
Kathleen Cohen
"VRTO - you bring quality people together! BTW, I also love what you are doing this year on the Flotilla design!"

Kathleen Cohen
XR Immersive & Experience Strategist
The Collaboratorim

About The Event

“VRTO is still the industry’s Weirdest, Most Relevant Conference” ~ FORBES

VRTO 2021 presents The Flotilla – an international symposium, exhibition and think tank for immersive business, education, enterprise, creators, philosophers!

Schedule 2021

Featured discussions include Latest Hardware & Software | Virtual Economy: NFTs, Blockchain, Digital Assets & Land | Virtual Humans | Marketing, Retail, & Commerce | The Spatial Web | Immersive Game & Experience Design | Live Performance & Events in Virtual & Hybrid Worlds | The Future of Work & Play | Education, Training, Metrics & Analysis | Accessibility, Neurodiversity, Design & Communications | Fitness, Health, Data Capture & Visualization | Enterprise | Law, Ethics, Privacy and much more.

There is only ONE ticket type this year! Tickets will sell in 5 Phases. Each will become increasingly less discounted. The earlier you get tickets the deeper the discount, while supplies last!

Learn about VRTO’s history at Wikipedia

Check out what happened last year on The Flotilla:

VRTO Online Symposium & Summit

Featuring a series of broadcast and interactive sessions

With the 6th Anniversary VRTO 2021 show we continue our tradition of diving deep to surface treasures from near and far, and will be available on mobile, desktop, and in VR to foster social interaction while bringing the no-holds-barred, thought-provoking presentations and training that VRTO is known for.

Micro-Summits on the Digital Asset Economy (Eco-NFTS, Crypto-Art, Land), Health & Fitness (Neurodiversity, Fitness Apps, The Dyscorpia Project) and a VR Game Developer’s Summit.

VR Game Developers' Summit

Featuring a series of broadcast and interactive sessions

The VR Game Developers’ summit has three separate tracks – one for development, one for Rhythm games and one for Fitness tites.

These will explore in depth: the Secrets of Music Licensing, Navigating User-Generated Content, Standing out in the Marketplace, accessibility considerations, and Behind the Scenes at the Development Process!

New Creative Economy & the Search for Clean-NFTs

Join global artists and developers in this two part panel

How do you make money from XR and Digital art? Are NFTs the worst thing to happen since the internet? This has given rise to a new movement exploring the path towards sustainable or environmentally conscientious crypto transactions.

Join global artists and developers in this 2 part panel discussion focused on digital artists traversing money-making avenues, new creative economies, and the NFT phenomenon.


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