About VRTO

What is VRTO?

VRTO is a special two-day event featuring a bleeding-edge conference track, fast-track workshops, an exhibits hall comprising the core spatial media community, and a special symposium where attendees will network and learn about Virtual Production, live VR theater performance, Hyperreality TV, natural language Holodecks, next-gen haptics—in short: new and fast-expanding technologies defining the future of production for entertainment, television and film, arts, performance, design, and communications.

You will be a part of the behind-the-curtain view of these sectors; consumers have more access to being creators in their own right. Not only will you leave this conference with innovative knowledge of how immersive media is spanning industries, but you will gain the leadership to take these ideas with you and incorporate them into your own user industry.

Our Team

Keram Malicki-Sanchez

Executive Director

Keram founded both VRTO & FIVARS in 2015. He’s a business and creative development consultant to a wide variety of tech companies, and founder of Constant Change Media Group Inc., a 360 media company with strong ties to both the Toronto & Los Angeles markets. He is also the editor in-chief of, an instructor in WebXR design at UCLA Extension and author of essays around spatial media for several books including the Handbook on the Global Impact of Immersive Media. He won Creator of the Year at the 2022 Poly Awards, was named one of the Top 100 Original Voices in XR in 2021, and contributed to the 2022 PEW Research report on the Metaverse in 2040.

Aimee Reynolds

Associate Producer

Aimee is an associate producer for the Los Angeles edition of FIVARS and the VRTO Conference in 2022. She is a writer with an interest in conversation design- specifically how to teach robots how to talk to humans. She studied Business Administration at Chapman University and volunteers at a farm animal sanctuary.

Chrissy Aitchison

Chrissy Aitchison


Chrissy has over 16 years of experience planning and executing marketing & sales plans and supporting operations for Canada’s Logistics Conference – a national professional development & networking conference in the supply chain logistics sector. She has been involved in event production with Constant Change Media Group for the past 20 years.

Stephanie Greenall


Stephanie has over a decade of experience in event management, from intimate workshops to large scale conferences. In addition to events, she has consulted on product viability of wearable technologies from China and Canada, and is a regular contributor to NOVO magazine, Starting her career in public relations she worked for a variety of clients including Dyson, Pfizer, and Reader’s Digest. With the advent of social media, she transitioned her skills to drive strategic narratives through these new platforms including with the FIVARS festival and the VRTO World Conference. She is also head of communications at Tilt Five.


Bettina Fimio

Floor Manager

Bettina is the Floor Manager for VRTO 2022 and has collaborated with CCMG, FIVARS, and VRTO for nearly 20 years. She has experience with machine learning, natural language processing, and UX consulting in the legal sphere. Bettina is a Law Clerk and Litigation Support Specialist, a Fellow of the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario, and holds a Certificate in E-Discovery, Information Governance, and Privacy from Osgoode Hall Law School.

Jonathan Prias

Web manager & UI design

Jonathan is a creative video producer and UX/UI designer with over 8 years of experience bringing ideas to life through video pieces, design, website development, and strategic marketing campaigns. He has worked for clients in Spain, Singapore, Canada, and Colombia. He is a fanatic about tabletop games, RPGs, and video games.

aidan fisher

Aidan Fisher

Media Assistant

Aidan is a media assistant for VRTO. He is a multi-hyphenate creative in the GTA. Freelancing in digital media and content coordination, he has assisted with PR in both Hot Doc and TIFF festivals, and works as a content specialist for several Canadian publications. Aidan is also an avid film, art, and music fanatic.

Trina Vo

Exhibits Hall Designer

Trina is a UX/UI and Graphic designer with a high level of research and design skills through various projects in human-centered design. Her ideology is to create works that not only solve the user’s problem but are also creative and engaging.

Regina Go

Regina Go

Exhibits Hall Designer

Regina is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who specializes in visual branding.

Nirandhi Naidu

Media and Production Support

Nirandhi is a freelance journalist and content writer. She has worked in the media industry for over 3 years in India and Canada. She is a budding UX designer who can be found immersed in sports and books.

Gwyneth Samson

Production Support

Marketing enthusiast with a keen interest in graphic design and content strategy. Has interned top media agencies in India and expanding professional knowledge in Canada. Currently pursuing a diploma in UX design.

Rachel Bettridge


This is Rachel’s first VRTO. She works in customer service and her people skills are unmatched.

Bernardo Lizarraga

Stage Manager

Bernardo is both sound and UX designer with a penchant for music, languages, and all the ways technology evolves with them. He has worked behind roughly 100 audiobooks in different languages, as well as an animated film.