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Super Session: Consciousness & Reality – Esoteric Elucidations of VR

This panel will explore what insights VR could provide into the nature of consciousness and our understanding the nature of reality.

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EXPANDING ON – Empathic Understandings with Psychedelics & EVR

This is a workshop-discussion and will not be a formal presentation. Come join the circle and enjoy some intellectual mind expanding conversations with some cool cats who ride the fringes of culture and experience the weird!

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Empathic Understandings with Psychedelics & EVR

← Back to schedule Saturday, June 16th, 2018 11:30am-11:50am CR1D1-18 (Room 204) CONFERENCE PASS OR MULTIPASS REQUIRED FOR ADMISSION Empathic Understandings with Psychedelics & EVR Tina & Jeffrey Lynn discuss the limitations of our current cultural linguistic models of communication as well as the potential solutions that may result in the transformation of civilization; psychedelics,…

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