EXPANDING ON – Empathic Understandings with Psychedelics & EVR

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Saturday, June 16th, 2018
CR2D1-18 (Room 201)

EXPANDING ON – Empathic Understandings with Psychedelics & EVR – Meet & Greet

Tina and Jeffrey Lynn will expand on their earlier talk, going more in depth with the content and will have a Q & A session. This is a workshop-discussion and will not be a formal presentation. Come join the circle and enjoy some intellectual mind expanding conversations with some cool cats who ride the fringes of culture and experience the weird!

Jeffrey Lynn Damon - Technoshaman
Jeffrey Lynn Damon, Futurist, Psychonaut, Artist | CyberGaia

Jeffrey Lynn has been living in Toronto for 10 years. In 2014 they became extremely interested in EVR and eventually learned to develop after an encounter with Psilocybin Mushrooms. This inspired them to speak publicly about language and electronic virtual reality, building 3D websites in partnership with JanusVR they have created an extensive mind palace network spanning over 90 portals and growing.

Tina Madry
Tina Madry, Futurist, VR Researcher

As a child, Tina Madry dreamed of being the first person on Mars. Upon adulthood, she discovered that her true calling is to explore inner space rather than outer space, inspiring her to become a psychonaut and psychedelic scientist.

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