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Game Over: How a $215B AR Market Will Gamify Everything

In the DotCom Boom, you played with information. In the AR Boom, you’re playing for real.

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Where Will Your Art Be In 35 Years?

Videotex was also the birth of a new narrative art form, never before possible, known as “interactive art”. It was the transition between passively watching/viewing/reading TV, radio, etc. AND actively participating in the outcome of a story. Suddenly, it was possible to write stories that could question readers. The reader could go to any point in the story in the time it took to get to the next point. For artists, It was heady stuff.

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Special Presentation: How Mobile AR Could Top 1B Users & $60B by 2021 (Tim Merel)

The mobile AR platform war was kicked off at F8 by Mark Zuckerberg’s “We’re making the camera the first augmented reality platform.” That simple sentence transformed what had been a one-hit wonder in Pokémon Go into an epic battle between Facebook, Apple, Google, Tencent, Snap, Alibaba, Baidu, Samsung, Huawei and more.

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