Where to Start? Planning Narratives for VR

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Monday, June 26th, 2017
CR2D2-17(Room 201)

Planning VR Narratives: Opportunities, Differences and Approach

This talk looks at early stage planning for narratives in VR. As with any cinematographic experience, VR benefits from careful planning during the design phase to maximize the benefits of this medium. The discussion will examine unique aspects of VR and how they differ from traditional film; it will explore ideas for planning scenes; and it will present novel ways to handle challenges such as scene transitions in VR. This is a broad talk meant for all enthusiasts, novice or professional alike, interested in joining the discussion on planning narratives for VR.

Ahmad Ismail
Rorik Henrikson

Dr. Rorik Henrikson specializes in Human Computer Interaction, focusing on early stage planning for stereoscopic (3D) movies, and Virtual Reality narratives. Through his past experiences in theatre and technology, he brings a unique perspective to the world of VR.

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    Where to Start? Planning Narratives for VR