Keynote: The Business of VR – Finding Sustainability in an Unstable World

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Monday, June 26th, 2017
CR1D2-17(Room 204)

Keynote: The Business of VR – Finding Sustainability in an Unstable World

Where is the real business of VR? The wave of hardware technology innovation that launched the term “VR” into the zeitgeist and planted guys like Palmer Luckey on the cover of TIME magazine has given way to the status quo of hype-driven “progress:” the simple fact that there’s not that much of it.

It’s not for lack of investment we’ve seen billions of dollars poured into the sector at this point. It’s not for lack of platforms, every major tech player has made (major) moves into the space with Facebook, Samsung, Sony, Google and HTC leading the way. It’s not for lack of adoption; I’d be willing to bet there was some version of a VR headset underneath every Christmas tree this past holiday season – the New York Times alone gave away 1.3 million of them.

The real question is what do we do with all of this tech? That should be the question every aspiring VR or AR creator should be asking themselves right now.

Todd Makurath
Todd Makurath, CEO | Bullitt

Todd Makurath is CEO of Bullitt, a filmmakers collective founded in partnership with Justin Lin and Joe and Anthony Russo. Bullitt is a creative studio situated at the nexus of entertainment and advertising. Founded by creators for creators, Bullitt has curated a roster of exceptional directors and writers expert in the creation of brand-integrated entertainment and advertising content. With the conviction that storytelling is the most powerful form of messaging, their work utilizes whatever technology is necessary to target a market – or create one – and break down the barriers that stand between an advertiser and their desired audience.

Bullitt has made major advancements in the production of live-action virtual reality (VR) content and been at the forefront of narrative storytelling within the format. Bullitt has also made great strides in the advancement of entertainment content as a vehicle for brand messaging and while the company is only in its second year of operations, it’s work has been acknowledged with awards from the AICP, D&AD, Clios, The One Show and Adweek’s Watch Awards.

Todd completed his undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics at Trinity College Dublin and subsequently a Masters of Fine Arts Fellowship at the prestigious AFI Conservatory. Prior to his work at Bullitt Todd served as COO of Caviar and a producer at Matador Motion Pictures. He has served as a representative of the West Regional Board of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers for the past three years and on the FilmLA Operations Committee.

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    Keynote: The Business of VR – Finding Sustainability in an Unstable World