Industry Catalysts: How Agencies, Incubators & Investors are Accelerating AR

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Monday, June 26th, 2017

Industry Catalysts: How Agencies, Incubators and Investors are Accelerating VR & AR

It is still early days for the industry and many VR/AR companies are caught in the so-called “gap of disappointment” waiting for wider user adoption before their consumer-focused business plans become viable. In this presentation, MetaVRse President & Co-Founder Dan Flatt shares how agencies and other industry catalysts are helping to accelerate VR/AR by connecting companies with business clients and other creative opportunities.

Daniel Flatt
Daniel Flatt, President & Co-Founder | MetaVRse

Dan is a futurist, entrepreneur and one of the world’s leading experts on Virtual and Augmented Reality. Dan founded MetaVRse, a VR/AR agency with his partner Alan Smithson and they have quickly become North America’s premier VR & AR strategists, influencers and innovators. A broad educational and career background have helped Dan to wear many hats at MetaVRse and understand the unique needs of many industries.

After earning a degree in Physics and English from the University of Toronto and a law degree from the University of Western Ontario Dan was called to the Ontario Bar. After practicing law for several years, Dan earned his MBA at the Richard Ivey School of Business and shifted his career to the business world, gaining valuable experience in executive recruiting, management consulting and leading the social media strategy of Bell, Canada’s largest telecom and media company.

As Co-Founder & President of MetaVRse, Dan applies his experience to help clients develop innovative applications of VR and AR technology that adds value and new dimensions to their businesses.

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    Industry Catalysts: How Agencies, Incubators & Investors are Accelerating AR