Defining a New VRX (UX in VR)

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Sunday, June 25th, 2017
CR2D1-17(Room 201)

Defining a new VRX (UX in VR)

As VR emerges as the next computing platform (VR/AR), new lessons and old are needed to understand how to create a VRX, a user experience for the emerging platform of VR. Hear lessons learned as Rafael explains how he and his team of veteran first person game developers took their approach of creating immersive, emergent, interactive game simulations into VR. VRX covers posture, view, audio, controllers, body, motion input, object interaction, and navigation, with lessons and examples drawn from their first project. The goal is to build a heightened sense of presence that allows the user to feel transported.

Rafael Brown
Rafael Brown | Digital Myths

Rafael Brown is a 20-year game industry veteran working in VR as Creative Director & Co-founder of Digital Myths. Rafael is a longtime game designer and game developer, who has worked on such titles and IP including Rage, Doom, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Mafia, and Thief. He got into VR after early exposure at id Software working under John Carmack (now CTO of Oculus). His indie VR startup, Digital Myths, is working on tech & tools and an initial game project for SocialVR. Digital Myths is focused on the PC/Console end of the VR spectrum, creating immersive, interactive, tactile, intimate, and cooperative online experiences in VR.

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    Defining a New VRX (UX in VR)