How Do You Build VR to Teach?

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Monday, June 26th, 2017

How Do You Build VR to Teach?

Discussing the complexities of building VR as a tool in education and training. The expectations, limitations, the benefits. Dealing with accessibility, testing limits of the technology and avoiding the “wow” over substance, content and mechanics and incorporating defined learning outcomes.

Key takeaways:

  • Know what the appropriate application is for educational/training VR
  • Define the impact of VR on accessibility issues that traditional training and game based learning miss and vice versa.
  • What to expect when planning to introduce VR into your classroom/office/business

Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson – Director of Business Development | Spongelab Interactive

Joseph previously worked at the MaRS Discovery District as a Senior Strategist in the ICT Practice, advising startups on funding and business growth strategies. He helped develop live education programs such as the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshop Series and the Future Leaders program for youth at MaRS, as well as online education programs such as the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit. He has written on topics of science, innovation and education for NOW Magazine, the Globe and Mail, Financial Post and Yonge Street.

James Hackett
James Hackett – Creative Director | Spongelab Interactive

James has provided solutions to the most challenging creative problems in communication over his decade-long career. A true polymath, he has extensive experience in design, animation and application development. These skills, combined with strategy, imagination and technical expertise, help our clients bridge the gaps amongst science, visualization and technology.

James directs his team in the creation of award-winning products and experiences that surprise, inspire and create real connections between people and brands. With his extensive experience in Virtual and Augmented Reality, James ensures that INVIVO’s products and solutions exist on the most future-forward platforms. Outside of work, James can be found creating in the kitchen, chasing his two children, or playing basketball (albeit poorly).

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    How Do You Build VR to Teach?