The ARt of Engagement: A Case Study with Alex Mayhew, Impossible Things & AGO

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Monday, June 26th, 2017

The ARt of Engagement: A Case Study

With a new major exhibition loomimg at the Art Gallery of Ontario, this talk with reknown multimedia artist Alex Mayhew and Impossible Things explores using Augmented Reality as an effective new engagement medium.

Alex Mayhew
Alex Mayhew, Co-Founder | Impossible Things

For two decades Alex Mayhew has worked internationally for high profile clients and companies across multiple platforms using cutting edge digital media to create iconic, engaging and effective projects that significantly enhance his client’s brand identit.

From multi-award winning Ceremony of Innocence created for Peter Gabriel’s Real World, to Beethovenʼs Hair, and Time Tremors created with Xenophile Media, to his work with MIT and the Royal Shakespeare Company, Alex continues to lead creative, programming and technology teams to innovate category-defining projects across different delivery channels including web, mobile, location-specific, TV, game, book, theatre, film and performance form to make both educational and entertainment-led experiences.

Alex enjoys a worldwide reputation for making inherently magical and memorable interactive experiences. He worked closely with Xenophile Media on the creation, development, financing and production of Time Tremors, an Emmy-nominated transmedia project that includes four mobile apps, numerous websites and an international TV series. The award-winning Time Tremors location based hunt is designed for museums and galleries such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, for whom he is currently working on Blink, a mobile-based experience that refreshes and re-imagines the traditional gallery viewing experience.

In 2017 Alex teamed up with Ian Kelso to co-found Impossible Things, a mixed reality company with a mission: to make imagination real.

Ian Kelso
Ian Kelso, Co-Founder | Impossible Things

Ian is a passionate media entrepreneur and industry advocate with over 20 years of digital experience. His new company Impossible Things mixes reality with imagination to create memorable and meaningful interactive experiences.

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The ARt of Engagement: A Case Study with Alex Mayhew, Impossible Things & AGO