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$1.6 billion

Film and Television Production in Ontario, Canada 2017:*

*As reported by OMDC[src]

$7.2 billion

Overall visitor spending during 2015, by 40 million visitors in Toronto*

*As reported by the City of Toronto Tourism Services

$14.6 billion

The most conservative figure for VR revenues by 2020, with the optimistic outlook, based on solid adoption being as high as $126 billion!

*As reported by Forbes according to consultants at the Analysis Group

Why Toronto and VRTOC?

VRTO World Conference & Expo

A unique opportunity to showcase brands, products and ideas to Canada’s core technology, science and entertainment thought leaders, influencers and consumers.

The VRTO Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo, launched in 2016, continues to represent a unique and highly dynamic opportunity to put your company’s brand in front of key industry leaders who have a vested interest in your products. By working with us on your brand integration strategy, your company will reach this highly-targeted audience while reinforcing your commitment to an industry in a critical development stage.

This event is produced by VRTO (Virtual Reality, Toronto), a division of Constant Change Media Group Inc., a 360 degree transmedia company founded in 2007. VRTO’s focus is on Virtual and Augmented Reality, blockchain, AI, IoT, the business of immersive media and tech and its ethical and sociological ramifications.

In addition to operating one of the largest VR Meetups in Toronto, in 2015 VRTO produced two sold-out events: VAR – Toronto’s largest Virtual and Augmented Reality showcase and FIVARS, a VR festival showcasing the best international immersive and interactive storytelling experiences of that year. In 2018 FIVARS became an official channel on SamsungVR.

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Structured, vetted networking has proven enormously successful for participants and many delegates have shared their feedback about how effective the conference has been at forging new relationships, deals, and collaborations.

VRTO’s audiences are decision-makers and leaders in software & game development, video & film production, research, hardware engineering, UX, as well as students & educators, investors, entrepreneurs and many in the VR community who are considered the change agents for this industry. The public-facing expo will appeal to early adopters and influencers, makers, filmgoers, gamers and any newcomers to this medium.


Business and Marketing with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at VRTO 2017 Conference in Toronto, featuring Alan Smithon, moderator

We can help ensure your business is synonymous with this forward-facing, rapidly-expanding market by getting your brand straight through the heart of the audiences at the gateway to Canada.

  • Toronto features some of the world’s most innovative immersive companies, including Meta, SideFX, Alias Wavefront, Christie, IMAX, JanusVR and many others. Toronto also hosts a powerful game development community—one of the world’s largest.
  • Toronto is the only Canadian location that has been visited by all five major VR and AR technologies (Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Hololens), through tours and meetups over the past 12 months.
  • VRTO Conference takes place within a week of Taste of Toronto, Gay Pride Week, and TD Jazz Festival, all of which bring in hundreds of thousands of international visitors to this dynamic, entertainment and tech-heavy city.
  • VRTO’s audience includes decision makers and leaders in the field of software, hardware, content production, field testing and analytics and distribution who utilize this intimate setting to establish working partnerships, standards, and strategy.

Who Will Attend:

VRTO’s professional audience are decision makers and leaders who utilize this setting to establish working partnerships, standards, and strategy. This group includes:

  • C-Level Executives
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Software, App & Game Developers
  • Content Creators
  • Video & Film Professionals
  • Researchers, Psychologists, Authors
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Local and International Press
  • UX Designers
  • Students & Educators
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