Intensive Training 2017

Intensive Training at VRTOC 2017

The Intensive Training Track is divided into two days. This university lecture room, is stuffed to the seams with tracks for both for seasoned V/A/MR developers, professionals looking to pivot effectively into this space and all interested in a crash course in advanced experiential media concepts and design. Tickets are available for just day 1 or day 2, or you may want to take it all in, and learn across the broad spectrum of skills, disciplines, and solutions from the best in the industry. The combine ticket is very cost effective over buying separate tickets for each day.

Please be sure to understand what is being taught on Day 1 vs Day 2. Computers/tablet are not provided, and we strongly recommend bringing one, to log the huge amount of information to which you will be exposed, however they are not mandatory or required to participate. Audio recording devices are allowed.

Day 1 (Sunday, June 25th, 2017)

Deep dive into advanced concepts circling the future of cinematic, interactive storytelling. These are no mere “science fiction speculation” talks – these are hands-on training in the most advanced capture concepts today. From photogrammetry to depthkit, volumetric and lightfield capture, advanced visual FX for spherical video to node-based stitching, this is the place for you.


Day 2 (Monday, June 26th, 2017)

Interesting in game development or interactive media for Virtual, Augmented, Mixed or otherwise interactive space? Learn how to use Unity, Unreal Engine, SDKs, IDEs, UI/UX considerations, spatialized audio and creating digital humans. Nonlinear storytelling, or whatever we want to call it? No liferaft, only forward. Time to lev. Ding. Woot.

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