Digital Humans, Telepresence, Volumetric Capture for Art & Enterprise

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Monday, June 3, 2019
6:15-7:00 pm
Conference Room (CR1)

Digital Humans, Telepresence, Volumetric Capture for Art & Enterprise

Only a couple of years ago, volumetric and lightfield capture were black arts with massive budgets or prohibitive workflows. This is beginning to change as the top level tech and the accessible and hacked tech start to meet in the center. Artists and enterprise alike are not only innovating but substantiating new use cases for spatialized, volumetric playback. This panel explore the techniques, business and innovations taking place in this emergent media.

Andrew MacDonald
Andrew MacDonald | CREAM Digital

Two-time CSA Award winner Andrew MacDonald has been building Cream Production’s VR department for the past 5 years. Having had their work shown at Cannes, FIVARS and VIFF, CreamVR has emerged as a leading Canadian VR studio bridging the gap between factual entertainment and Virtual Reality. CreamVR’s work can be found on DiscoveryVR, Jaunt, HuluVR, and their own app. CreamVR began building cameras and creating 360 video content for networks such as Discovery, Travel Hulu, Cream has now moved into creating volumetric productions and is developing avatar creation techniques.

Imran Monou
Imran Mouna | InStage

Imran Mouna is the co-founder of a virtual reality training company called InStage, that is accelerating the pace people can learn and develop strong, effective communication and presentation skills. He has represented the company nationally on CBC’s Metro Morning, internationally at the Overseas Talent and Entrepreneurship Competition in Beijing, China, and recently won first place in Amazon’s Education and Training simulation competition.

David Dexter SIRT
David Dexter | Sheridan’s Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT)

David Dexter is the Operations and Business Development Lead for Sheridan’s Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT). SIRT is one of Canada’s leading innovation centres supporting the media and entertainment industry.David has been integral in transitioning SIRT into a sustainable research and technology access centre with a current focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Twenty-five years of experience in multiple industries, including mobile (Nokia), technology (IBM) and music, combined with an acumen for business development and delivering cutting-edge products to market, makes David a leading expert in bridging the gap between training, technological development and studio production.

Dan Mills
Dan Mills | Geogram Corp.

Dan Mills is a serial entrepreneur who spends his life in the geeky world of optics, photogrammetry and manipulating pixels into objects. Most recently he co-founded Geogram, a solution that allows real time collaboration between venues and event planners of their 3D “smart space.”

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Digital Humans, Telepresence, Volumetric Capture for Art & Enterprise