Embodiment, Worldbuilding, & the Future of Experiential Entertainment

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Saturday, June 1, 2019
Conference Room (CR1)

XR Trends for Future Dreamers: Embodiment, Worldbuilding, & the Future of Experiential Entertainment

We’re at a critical turning point in the evolution of immersive technologies, and some of the emerging trends in the XR space are not immediately intuitive. The Bose AR platform points to the fusion of wearable technologies that are heads up and hands free centering us into more present and connected, embodied experiences. How do we navigate a saturated media environment with participatory media, augmenting our identities, bodies moving through space, and a worldbuilding process of dreaming the future that we want to live into.

This talk will explore some of the bleeding-edge trends driving the future of experiential entertainment and the latest trends that will be a key part of sustaining the larger XR ecosystem as it strives towards reaching a critical mass in the consumer market. Voices of VR podcast host Kent Bye will be providing a roadmap to help understand where spatial computing is currently at and where it’s going in the future.

Kent Bye
Kent Bye | Voices of VR

Kent is best known for the Voices of VR podcast, which he started in 2014. Since then he’s interviewed over 1000 people about virtual reality, looking at what the medium tells us about consciousness.

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