Indie VR Game Developers – The Game Show

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Saturday, June 1, 2019
Conference Room (CR1)

Indie VR Game Developers: The Game Show

Want to see how indie virtual reality developers’ minds work? This game show (absolutely not a panel) pits them against each other in a test of wits and creativity.

Blair Renaud
Blair Renaud | Iris VR Inc

Blair Renaud is everywhere in VR. Founding three VR start-ups in the last two years, including IRIS VR (a VR game studio); Quantum Capture (creating photo-realistic digital humans); and Occupied VR, one of Canada’s leading VR client service companies.

Martin Bradstreet
Martin Bradstreet | Martov Co.

Martin Bradstreet grew up in a small country town in Western Australia, where he’d wake up at 4am before school to play Starcraft against American players, unsatisfied with the local competition. After making some noise at the World Cyber Games playing Warcraft 3, he noticed many top players had moved on to playing Internet Poker. A few years later, he had dropped out of a Computer Science degree, and was playing the highest-stakes poker games in the world. This gave him the opportunity to pursue his passion for art – and eventually dive headfirst into the paradigm-shifting world of VR game development. In 2016, Martin co-founded Martov Co. with Jay Rosenkrantz, with the goal of making Chiaro and the Elixir of Life a reality.

Andre Elijah
Andre Elijah | OPIATS

Andre is a multi-disciplinary, award winning creative technologist, and New Media Graduate from Toronto, Canada. Currently working in the world of Virtual and Augmented Reality, Andre is creating branded experiences and working to make the medium more accessible to the masses.

Dustin Freeman
Dustin Freeman (Host) | Escape Character

Dustin Freeman is the founder of Escape Character, creating telepresence entertainment with live entertainers in the loop. After a PhD in Computer Science and Theatre from the University of Toronto, including stints working on the Kinect at Microsoft Research, he went to work in Silicon Valley at a series of XR companies. As co-founder/CTO of Raktor, he built one of the first live Mixed Reality streaming shows with remote audience participation.

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Indie VR Game Developers – The Game Show