From Text to Treatment

From Text to Treatment

July 20, 2023

3:00 pm-3:50 pm


Ben Unsworth

CTO of Lumeto

Step into the future of healthcare training with Lumeto’s presentation. The audience is invited to experience the intersection of Unreal Engine, Generative AI, and VR as Lumeto introduces InvolveXR – their game-changing, AI-powered remote VR healthcare training platform. The viewers will witness how Lumeto converts text into dynamic 3D hospital scenes, automated patient dialogues, and virtual physiological processes, ultimately democratizing medical education. This journey aims to illuminate the revolutionary potential of AI and VR in healthcare, providing a sneak peek into Lumeto’s real-world applications, prototypes, and proof of concepts. Lumeto is not merely envisioning the future; they are actively shaping it to reduce medical errors and save lives.

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From Text to Treatment