Panel: Producing Immersive Media in Canada – Where’s the Money?

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Monday, June 27th, 2016
CR1D1 – Alumni Lounge
Lucie Lalumiere
Moderator: Lucie LaLumiere

Lucie Lalumière is the founder of Lalumiere Media, a consulting business specializing in interactive digital media, emerging technologies and immersive experiences (virtual reality, augmented reality). She is also the Executive Producer of Bvrned, a fictional 360 film, at 360 Story Lab. And she is the COO & GM of supersonic MINDS, a startup at the nexus of entertainment and brain training. Lucie’s work covers a broad range of activities such as advising clients on funding, strategy and business development; leading information sessions; and holding executive positions in production. Lucie is the winner of the inaugural WIFT-T Digital Trailblazer Crystal Award (2015).


Alexei Gavriline
Alexei Gavriline | Mobile Capital Network

Alexei is the president of Mobile Capital Network (MCN), a strategy consulting firm helping its clients to access multiple tax incentives and funding programs. These programs include Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) investment tax credits, various Interactive Digital Media tax credits, IRAP, CMF, IDMF and some others. Mobile Capital Network works closely with its clients on structuring their businesses processes and financial affairs so that the overall return from all funding programs and tax incentives is maximized.

Ian Tuason
Ian Tuason | DimensionGate/CFC

Tuason is the Founder of DimensionGate, a 360 video production company based in Toronto with clients who include the Canadian Football League, Adidas, and Secret Location. DimensionGate’s original 360 content has already garnered over 10 million views on YouTube 360. Tuason is also a VR filmmaker at CFC Media Lab, where he made THE CLOSET, a short VR horror film which was screened at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Tuason is working with partners, including the Ford Foundation and NFB, to develop VR production labs for content creators around the world.

keith makse_red_meat-games
Keith Makse | Red Meat Games

Murray McKercher
Murray McKercher | LiveEYE Media

Murray scouts the best new ideas, technologies and teams to build new companies for a global marketplace and provides counsel to corporations threatened by the new economy and the next generation. Most recently Murray has co-founded Eye-LIVE Media, focused on disrupting Sports Media through livestreaming of immersive experiences turning Athletes into “Broadcasters” and monetizing their performance.

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Panel: Producing Immersive Media in Canada – Where’s the Money?