Panel: How To Choose and Create Great 360 Stories

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Sunday, June 26, 2016
CR1D1 – Alumni Lounge

Panel: How To Choose and Create Great 360 Stories

So you own a 360 rig and some software and want to share your immersive vision. How do determine what is right for the 360 frameless approach and what should perhaps be expressed in other forms?

Jeff Preyra
Moderator: Jeff Preyra | 360 Story Lab

Jeff Preyra has been an innovator in the Immersive Media and TV industry for over a quarter century. His work has appeared on broadcast and interactive platforms in dozens of languages around the world. He was a founder and creative partner in the company that produced the international mega-hit shows Style by Jury and Brides of Beverly Hills.>

Christina Heller
Christina Heller | VR Playhouse

Beginning her career in media as a political journalist and host of a political radio program which won Associated Press Awards for the two years it was under her leadership, Christina moved to television, producing, shooting, and hosting “My Voice,” a program broadcast into 9 million homes. She directed and produced two feature documentaries – Libertopia and Reversing the Mississippi. She currently serves on the Board of Advisors for SH//FT, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting diversity in virtual reality.

Andrew MacDonald - Cream 360
Andrew MacDonald | Cream 360

Andrew has been traveling the globe as a filmmaker for over a decade, with a focus on storytelling, Andrew has shot and directed many series and feature documentaries for networks such as Discovery National Geographic, History and Travel. Andrew has always been an innovator, early adopting the latest tools and technology, and figuring out how to practically apply them in the field. He is the creative co-director for Cream360

Adam Cosco 150*150
Adam Cosco | Director – KNIVES

Prior to delving into the virtual reality space, Adam won several awards for his screenwriting and directing, including the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, the Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition, and the Vimeo Awards. In October 2015, HD Video Pro wrote an article called A New Medium Emerges about Adam’s innovative virtual reality storytelling. His latest VR film, Knives, incorporates his personal fly-on-the-wall editing style and a fully fluid camera.

Gareth Seltzer
Gareth Seltzer | RYOT

Gareth was the Founding Investor and Director of RYOT, a ground breaking content creator and next generation storyteller through news and film. HuffPostRYOT is now the worlds largest VR 360 news network and the industry leader in immersive video working with industry leaders like The New York Times, Google, Associated Press and Apple.

He is Associate Producer of the 2016 Oscar Nominated documentary short “Body Team 12”​ in additional to other award winning RYOT films and often speaks to audiences around the globe about the fundamental principals that guide the acquisition and engagement of audiences through empathy.

Pierre Friquet 150*150
Pierre Friquet | Director – JetLag

Pierre Friquet is a multidisciplinary creative who develops stories around transcendence and revisiting founding myths. A graduate of the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India, Pierre has directed more than 20 short films that have been selected and screened at festivals in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. More recently Pierre has directed five VR experiences including ‘JetLag’ & ‘Vibrations’.

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Panel: How To Choose and Create Great 360 Stories