LBE 2019 & The Experience Economy

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Monday, June 3, 2019
Conference Room (CR1)

LBE 2019 & The Experience Economy

It is a brave new world and the notions of the future from previous conjecture are being waylaid by real-world implementations. From Meow Wolf’s influence on the immersive experience phenomenon that has trickled down to selfie pop-up spaces in cities and towns across North America, to the hybridized theme park adventures combining VR and AR into complex architectural designs like Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, the game is modulating, evolving, mutating. In this panel industry analyst Clifton Dawson talks with lead reps from top experiential design companies about the state of the art.

Laura Mingail
Laura Mingail | Entertainment ONE

Laura Mingail is an award-winning marketer, product innovator and VR/AR advocate. She has helped to build multiple CPG and entertainment brands, as well as VR and AR initiatives to drive consumer engagement and sales. This includes developing the VR/AR strategy for the ecosystem of businesses under one of Canada’s leading entertainment companies, Cineplex Inc., which included initiating and leading the relationship with The VOID.

CJ Hervey
CJ Hervey | Dark Slope Studios

CJ Hervey brings with him a wealth of knowledge regarding the financing, development, production and execution of large-scale digital media projects.

Morgan Carlson | Globacore Interactive Technologies

Previously the Technical Director and Lead Developer at The Oberon Group, Morgan Carlson is now Senior Developer/Technologist with Globacore Interactive Technologies.

Clifton Dawson

Clifton Dawson, Moderator | Greenlight Insights

Clifton Dawson is Founder & CEO of Greenlight Insights, the global leader in virtual and augmented reality market intelligence. Prior to founding Greenlight Insights in 2015, Clifton was a strategy analyst at Snapchat, the leading image messaging and multimedia platform. Previously, Clifton was Head of Business Operations at AddLive, the web-based real-time communication platform acquired by Snapchat in 2014. Clifton has a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

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