Investing in AR – Fireside Chat

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Sunday, June 17th, 2018
CR2D2-18 (Room 201)

Investing in AR – A Fireside Chat

Augmented Reality is a hot topic within the investment community but what are the real opportunities in AR. how should investors go about assessing startups in AR, and what should founders in this space be considering in order to successfully raise capital for their solutions? Active AR investors Prashant Matta of OMERS Ventures and Tom Emrich of Super Ventures sit down to talk on their experience investing in AR.

Prashant Matta
Prashant Matta – OMERS Ventures

Prashant Matta is a Venture Capitalist at OMERS Ventures, one of Canada’s largest venture capital funds. Prashant invests in companies across technology and media sectors and he is also responsible for providing strategic and operational guidance to OMERS Ventures’ portfolio companies.

Tom Emrich
Tom Emrich | Super Ventures

Tom is an active investor seeding capital in AR as a founding partner at Super Ventures, the leading dedicated to augmented reality. He is also building the AR community as co-producer of AWE, the largest AR community of its kind with conferences in USA, Europe and Asia and co-organizing local meetup AWE Nites in Toronto, San Francisco and New York.

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    Investing in AR – Fireside Chat