The Future Has No Keyboard: How To Build Today’s Technology Using Tomorrow’s Interfaces

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Sunday, June 17th, 2018
CR2D2-18 (Room 201)

The Trials Of Attracting Early Adopters For AR Gaming

It is 2018, we are normalizing realities beyond the physical. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are, by nature, in the forefront of innovation. So why are we still using touchscreens and controllers? We are already talking to our tech, why not wave at it too? It’s time to adopt a new and more natural way of interacting with technology.

Sophie Howe Xesto
Sophie Howe – CEO & Co-Founder | Xesto

Sophie is the CEO and co-founder of Xesto, a gesture recognition & machine learning startup looking to change the way we interact with the world around us. She is a native Torontonian: Sophie was born, raised, attended university and founded a company here. She loves high-tech and is actively figuring out how to create technologies of the future in the present.

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