Exploring Mixed Reality: Merging the Real and Virtual Worlds with the Hololens

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Sunday, June 26th, 2016
CR2D1 – Eggy’s Summit Lounge

Merging the Real and Virtual Worlds with the Hololens

The Hololens seamlessly blends holograms into your world. Philippe will talk about how the device and mixed reality applications can be used in the future, and demonstrate a mix of applications being developed in HTML Fusion’s Mixed Reality Lab.

Philippe will explore the difference between mixed and augmented reality and why both will replace our smartphones and laptops in the coming years. He’ll also present practical use cases of mixed reality and showcase Hololens applications being developed in the HTML Fusion Mixed Reality Lab, and how they’ll be used to better our future.

philippe lewicki
Philippe Lewicki | HTML Fusion

Over the past 20 years, multifaceted entrepreneur Philippe Lewicki has fine tuned his instincts for what tech will matter next. In 2014, his verve for augmented and virtual reality inspired him to create the HTML Fusion lab, a research space exploring the possibilities for mixed reality accessible to all. Philippe and his team are currently busy building a new kind of user interface with the Hololens.

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