Emma Rye: Gamifying MRI in VR for Patient Wellbeing

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Monday, June 3, 2019
Conference Room (CR1)

Emma Rye – Gamifying MRI in VR for Patient Wellbeing

Undergoing an MRI is a frightening experience for children. The process demands that the patient remains still, in spite of the loud noise and confined space. Many patients require sedation, which carries its own inherent risks and high cost. We developed a VR MRI simulator for kids, to reduce anxiety and the need for sedation. It combines elements from game design, immersive technologies and biofeedback to help patients train before the scan, and remain calm and still during, improving image quality and shortening the scan duration.

In this presentation we’ll discuss the hurdles we faced, successes, failures and how to design and implement VR in healthcare.

Our MRI simulator is installed at SickKids hospital in Toronto and going into clinical trials at SickKids and Stanford.

Shachar Weis | Packet39

Shachar “Vice” Weis is a software developer, entrepreneur and VR addict. With over 25 years of experience, he has worked in many fields and disciplines, from ancient mainframes to cutting edge XR technologies. Shachar founded Packet39 and spends most of his time developing VR & AR safety and training applications for nuclear power plants, simulators, medical visualization software and the occasional game.

Shachar usually goes by “Vice” (which is how Weis is pronounced) and is also a maker, 3D printing enthusiast and avid photographer

hillel maresky
Dr. Hillel Maresky | Viral Imaging

Dr. Hillel S. Maresky is a Toronto-based radiologist and medical imaging specialist at the University of Toronto.

Certified in both SMRC and SCCT level III – the highest attainable qualifications in the cardiac imaging domains – Dr. Maresky has had the honor of becoming the recipient of RSNA and NVIDIA Corp. research grants. His research encompasses advanced cross-sectional and 3D imaging of the body, and its application in med education.

Before qualifying as a medical imaging specialist, Dr. Maresky served as a flight surgeon and emergency medicine physician. He has formal experience in medical education as an anatomy lecturer for medical students at Columbia Medical School and Sackler School of Medicine.

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Emma Rye: Gamifying MRI in VR for Patient Wellbeing