Code of Ethics – Town Hall

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CR1D1 – Alumni Lounge
Code of Ethics – Town Hall
11:00AM-12:00 PM

All attendees are invited to be co-authors on the “Human Augmentation Code” (twitter #HACode).

We want the process to be open and transparent.

As we draft it on-site, you can read the present draft
“Code of Ethics on Human Augmentation”
and write down or tell us your thoughts, ideas, suggest corrections and revisions, etc., and possibly join as a co-author, if you have something sufficiently useful.

You can view the current (live and evolving) draft at

You will also have the opportunity to enter a world in which the spacetime continuum has been sheared so the space and time axes are at the exact angle that makes the speed of light or speed of sound appear to be zero, and to have a photograph taken in that world as an artwork you can take with you.

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    Code of Ethics – Town Hall