Panel: Finding Success in VR Game Development

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Monday, June 27th, 2016
CR1D2 – Alumni Lounge

Presented by
Alex Davies
Moderator: Alex Davies | Tech Writer and VR Advocate – UploadVR

As a writer, Alex covers Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for UploadVR, a startup whose mission is to accelerate the growth of the consumer VR industry and use immersive technology to make a positive global impact through conferences, events, community building, and daily news coverage on the web. Before writing for UploadVR, Alex contributed to various other technology news websites such as Tom’s Hardware, Mobile Syrup, and IT Business Canada. As a long time computer gaming enthusiast (he built his first gaming PC in 1991) and science fiction fan, he has long dreamed of being able to enter the Metaverse. It wasn’t until he used modern VR HMDs that he understood the immense transformative potential of this new technology.

Lee Vermeulen
Lee Vermeulen | Alientrap Games

Lee Vermeulen is the co-founder of Alientrap Games, which started in 2002 with the development of the freeware game Nexuiz. Since then Alientrap have released Capsized on Steam/XBLA in 2011, Apotheon on PS4/Steam in 2015, Autocraft on Steam/iOS, and are now working on the PS4 game Cryptark, and the HTC Vive title Modbox.

keith makse_red_meat-games
Keith Makse | Red Meat Games

Keith is the CEO of Red Meat Games, a mobile and VR game development studio in Kitchener, Ontario, creating their own unique games in addition to working with clients including Canadian Tire, University of Western Ontario and Blot Interactive. Red Meat Games’ latest title, Wits & Warfare has won Microsoft Canada’s Codename Goa competition for developing a unique backend technology that was funded by the National Research Council. This tool, DAISy, is being put to use by Red Meat Games in their latest VR games, First Impact: Rise of a Hero and Bring to Light.

Ben Unsworth | Globacore

Ben Unsworth is Co-Founder and President of Globacore, developing digital experiences for physical spaces around the world with a current focus on room-scale VR and game based engagement. Ben’s formal training in Computer Science and English Literature from McGill University has served him well as an excellent background to his career in using emerging technology to communicate brand messaging in creative ways.

As a facilitator of things not seen before, Ben has led his team through design, development, and installation of their work on all corners of the globe for the worlds top brands including Intel, Samsung, Mercedes, Genentech, Lexus, AT&T, VW, WestJet, Honda, and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Blair Renaud
Blair Renaud | IRIS VR

Blair Renaud is everywhere in VR. Founding three VR start-ups in the last two years, including IRIS VR (a VR game studio); Quantum Capture (creating photo-realistic digital humans); and Occupied VR, one of Canada’s leading VR client service companies. He is currently is working on multiple VR titles for the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Sony Morpheus, and the HTC Vive. Titles range from his Cyberpunk adventure game Technolust, to experiences based on the works of director David Cronenberg in co-production with the CFC.

Michael Zaidan
Michael Zaidan | Minority Media

Michael has worked in VR, traditional film and television, and theater, writing, directing and producing for Google, National Geographic, A&E, Paramount Pictures, FOX, Zone3, Remstar, Ironworks Productions, Bravo, Gala Films, Redcliff Productions, Koi Productions, and Franchise Pictures. Prior to minority, Michael was Director of Content and Editorial for Frequency Networks, where he defined a winning brand story and content strategy for the top-ranked, multi-platform cloud video service. In 2000, he received his MFA from the American Film Institute in Directing and Writing, He later taught writing and directing at the AFI for three years. He also has a degree from NYU in Film Production and a BA in Western Civilization, Culture and Mythology from Concordia University.

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Panel: Finding Success in VR Game Development