A Victorious Athlete, An Ancient Statue Digitally Restored in AR

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July 20, 2022
16:25-16:45 am

Augmented Reality can change the way museum visitors experience and interpret ancient art. “A Victorious Athlete in Augmented Reality” is an app that reveals the lost history of one of the Getty Villa’s most prized possessions, a life-sized bronze statue from ancient Greece. The app encourages inquiry and rewards visitors with a deeper understanding of a spectacular museum object. It is part of the extended series “Colors of Antiquity – seeing ancient polychromy through Augmented Reality.”

Shachar Weis
Shachar Weis| Founder, Packet39

Shachar (aka Vice) is a software developer and tech artist with over 25 years of experience. He has worked in many fields and disciplines, from ancient mainframes to tiny system-on-chip computers. Vice has extensive experience with VR and AR, 3D engines, game development, immersive experiences, computer vision and machine learning, robotics, and 3D scanning. He is the founder of Packet39, a creative XR studio based in Canada.

Vice is also a tinkerer, maker, 3D printing enthusiast and photographer.

Lisa Lokshina | Director of User Experience, L3A UX Studio

Lisa is the co-founder and Director of User Experience Design at L3A UX Studio, where she leads the UX design efforts for immersive tech experiences. Her focus on interactive narratives helps clients impart thought and meaning into their XR initiatives.

Her background in interaction design, journalism, and the visual arts fosters her ability to tell stories in different mediums. Some past projects include interactive video narratives, XR experiences in museums, educational apps for kids with autism, service design for the medical cannabis community, and robust B2B enterprise software.

She works with a variety of organizations, from creative agencies, Fortune 20 companies, to small shops and research facilities.

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A Victorious Athlete, An Ancient Statue Digitally Restored in AR