360 Video is Not An Easter Egg Hunt – Let’s Get Started

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Sunday, June 26th, 2016
10:00am – 12:15pm
ITR1D1 – Blue/Gold Room

Morning Syllabus

10:00AM-10:30AM – Overview – Best Practices for 360/VR Storytelling – Cinematic VR is Not an Easter Egg Hunt
•Creating context utilizing 360
•Consider how pe people are going to be watching this material
•How to answer the question – Why should this be in 360?

10:30AM-11:00AM – Intro to 360 Video and Projection Basics
•Differences between tethered headsets and mobile VR – implications for VR video
•Understanding the di difference between equirectangular, spherical, and cubemap video. What do they mean and why are they used?

11:00AM-11:30PM – Viewer Attention
•Definitions of field of view and arc of attention
•Basics of narrative language in 360 – how to make cuts land

11:30AM-12:30PM – (Basic Overview of Mettle Workflow)
•Edit equirectangular footage in Premiere with Mettle’s Skybox + Brief Q&A

Nick Bicanic
Nick Bicanic | RVLVR

A filmmaker and a technologist who mixes left brain and right brain stuff on an ongoing basis, Bicanic is a serial entrepreneur and has run multiple technology startups – funded by Silicon Valley luminaries including Google Ventures. He also wrote, directed and produced “Shadow Company” the 4 time LEO award-winning documentary about the secret world of modern day mercenaries and produced “The War Against Boko Haram” for VICE News and published his first book – “Executive Outcomes” – a graphic novel based on his script of the same name. He is now focusing on developing storytelling technology and content for Virtual and Augmented Reality. His favorite fruit is Granny Smith Apples and he’s also a helicopter pilot.

Chris Bobotis | Mettle

Chris is a Founding Partner and 360/VR Software Architect at Mettle. He is Head Developer for the SkyBox software products, which offer the most complete set of 360/VR production tools available for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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360 Video is Not An Easter Egg Hunt – Let’s Get Started