2018 Conference Archive


A unique, international exhibition, professional conference and solutions-focused symposium
exploring arts, culture, society, humanities, ethics and sciences through immersive technologies.

A one-of-a-kind symposium for experiential media and technologies.

The largest Immersive Technologies Conference in Canada

June 15th-17th

10am-6pm Daily.

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Add to My Calendar 2019-06-01 10:00:00 2019-06-03 18:00:00 America/Toronto VRTO Conference & Expo 2018 VRTO (Virtual Reality, Toronto) organization hosts their Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference and Expo. Toronto VRTO info@virtualreality.to

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VRTO Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Conference & Expo Features

The 2018 Conference Speakers, Presenters & Panelists

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*Unapproved live streaming of events via mobile devices is strictly prohibited.

Steve Gaynor

Steve Gaynor

Game Designer, Co-founder (Portland, Oregon)

Fullbright (Gone Home)

Philip Rosedale Headshot processed 300x300dpi

Philip Rosedale

CEO & Co-founder (San Francisco)

High Fidelity

Amanda Shelby

Amanda Shelby

Producer (Los Angeles)

The Ego Studio

Steve Spaz Williams

Steve "Spaz" Williams

Chief Animator Industrial Light & Magic | LucasFilm (San Rafael, CA)

Spaz Williams

Irena Cronin

Irena Cronin

Partner & President (San Francisco)

Transformation Group, LLC


Brett Leonard

Co-Founder (Los Angeles)

Studio Lightship

Danielle Perszyk

Danielle Perszyk

Co-founder & Scientific Director (Evanston, IL)


Kent Bye

Kent Bye

Host (Portland, OR)

Voices of VR Podcast

Paloma Dawkins

Paloma Dawkins

Artist/Cartoonist (Montreal)

National Film Board of Canada

Dave cardwell SpinVR

Dave Cardwell

Creative Director (Toronto)
John Montsarrat

Johnny Monsarrat

Founder (Boston, MA)

Monsarrat, Inc

Nathalie Mathe

Nathalie Mathe

Creative Director, Founder (San Francisco)

Native VR

Charlie Fink

Writer, Producer (New York)

Forbes, “Charlie Fink’s Metaverse

neil matthew headshot

Neil Mathew

CEO (Kitchener, Waterloo)

Vertical AI

Nyla Innuksuk

Founder (Toronto)

Mixtape VR

Ryan Andal Secrel Location

Ryan Andal

President, Co-Founder (Toronto)

Secret Location

Joanna Popper

Joanna Popper

Global Head of Virtual Reality, LBE (Los Angeles)


Paul Darvasi

Educator, Writer, Game Designer (Toronto)

York University

Sophie Howe Xesto

Sophie Howe

CEO & Co-Founder (Toronto)


Thomas Wallner

Thomas Wallner

Founder / CEO (Toronto)

Liquid Cinema Inc. / 360Flix

Jeremy Patterson

Jeremy Patterson

Chief Creative Technology Officer (Ohio)


Jeffrey Lynn Damon - Technoshaman

Jeffrey Lynn Damon

Futurist, Psychonaught, Artist (Toronto)


Ross Shain

Ross Shain

Chief Product Officer (New York)

Boris FX / Imagineer Systems

James McCrae

James McCrae

CEO (Toronto)

Janus VR

Eliott Edge

Author, Artist (New York)

Eliott Edge

Claire Brunet

Claire Brunet

PhD Associate Professor (Toronto)

OCAD University

Glenn Cantave

Glenn Cantave

(New York)

Movers and Shakers

William Perry

Bill Perry

Digital Artist, Publisher (Toronto)

WM Perry Digital Text Services

Tina Madry

Tina Madry

Futurist (Toronto)

VR Researcher

Karan Singh

Karan Singh

Co-Founder (Toronto)

Janus VR

Karen Kelly

Karen Kelly

Managing Partner (Toronto)

K2 Performance Consulting

Adam Cosco

Adam Cosco

Writer/Director (Toronto)

Canadian Film Center

audri phillips

Audri Phillips

Immersive Media specialist/3D Animator (Los Angeles)

Robot Prayers

Elli Raynai

Content Creator (Toronto)


Nick Moshenko

Nick Moshenko

Founding Partner (Toronto)


Shachar Weis

Shachar "Vice" Weis

Founder, CTO (London, Ontario)


Lisa Sokoloff

Lisa Sokoloff

Manager, Training & Simulation (Toronto)

Baycrest Health Sciences

Bob Fine

Bob Fine

Editor (Washington, D.C.)

VR Voice

Tanya Kelen

Tanya Kelen

CEO (Toronto)


Dustin Freeman

Dustin Freeman

Founder (Toronto)

Escape Character

Sergio Ramirez

Sergio Ramirez

Vice President (Mexico)


Trudy Elmore

Trudy Elmore

Creative Director, Artist and Animator (Calgary)


claudio rojas

Claudio R. Rojas JD, MBA

Managing Director (Toronto)

Hurt Capital Inc.

lee Vermeulen, CEO of Alientrap Games at VRTO 2018

Lee Vermeulen

CEO (Toronto)

Alientrap Games

Nathan Weir

Senior Designer, 3-D Visualization, Creative Studio (Toronto)


Sabarish Ganamoorthy

Sabarish Gnanamoorthy

Founder (Toronto)


james desroches

James Des Roches

GPLLM Candidate, Innovation, Law & Technology (Toronto)

University of Toronto, Faculty of Law

Taymoore Balbaa

Taymoore Balbaa

Director (Toronto)

SubPac Experiential

Blair Renaud

Blair Renaud

CEO (Toronto)


hillel maresky

Hillel S. Maresky, M.D.

CEO, Co-Founder(Toronto)

VisionAIRy Corp.:
Artificial Intelligence, Radiology and YOU

michael waite

Michael Waite

Global Manager (Tokyo)


Stephen Shew

Co-founder (Toronto)


Heather Phenix

Executive Producer (Toronto)


Srinivas Krishna

Founder & CEO (Toronto)

Geogram & AWE Company

Martin Bradstreet

Martin Bradstreet

Founder/CEO and Creative Director (Montreal)

Martov Co.

Maryam Sabour

Maryam Sabour

Immersive Technology Consultant (Toronto)

X Consulting

Maxim Khasiev

Founder (Toronto)

YODE Group Canada

Andrew MacDonald

Andrew MacDonald

Creative Director (Toronto)


Stephen Chan

Stephen Chan

CEO and Founder (Toronto)

Dapasoft Inc.

Alex Berlin

Co-Founder & President (Toronto)


Jesse Damiani

Jesse Damiani

Editor-at-Large, VRScout & CEO, Galatea (California)


Your 2018 Hosts

Keram Malicki-Sanchez

Executive Director (Toronto, Los Angeles)


Nigel Newton

Director Business Development (Toronto)

Impossible Things

Stefan Grambart

Stefan Grambart

Writer/Director, VR (Toronto)


Ana Serrano

Chief Technology Officer (Toronto)

Canadian Film Centre

Tom Emrich

Tom Emrich

Co-Founder (San Francisco)

Super Ventures


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VRTO aims to empower people to share their world, culture, knowledge and dreams with the assistance of emergent immersive technologies.

Recognized internationally for its high caliber, high-quality discussions, in-depth training, world-class presentations and top level speakers, VRTO brings together compelling discourse and bleeding-edge prototypes, demonstrations and innovative companies in carefully crafted schedules and environments.

While many conference focus on airing the problems and pain points in the industry, VRTO has an acute focus on searching for solutions for these problems, and testing candidates.

VRTO is always an opportunity to build powerful and long-lasting business and personal relationships, with a very open-minded and inclusive community, unafraid to ask the big questions. Furthermore, the show provides many different tools to ensure attendees find their best matches towards meeting their goals at the show.

In 2016, VRTO hosted a town hall and summit to ratify a Code of Ethics for Human Augmentation led by inventor and Meta Chief Scientist Steve Mann. Read more about the Scientific paper and code that was written at Kurzweil AI

The VRTO conference is not a Toronto VR conference – it is an international conference that takes place in and leverages the tremendous R&D community of Toronto.

Professional International Conference

Featuring over 65 speakers and spanning three days, exploring the challenges of virtual, augmented and mixed reality conceptualization, research and development, production and postproduction, distribution and marketing, sales and metrics.

Structured, Vetted, Business Networking & Support

VRTO works with companies around the world to create powerful matchmaking opportunities. Submit your company to meet with some of the world’s leading producers, distributors, investors, and consultants. We are also partnered with a mobile app that will facilitate matchmaking, communication and discovery for a registered participants. All Access ticket holders, Speakers, Exhibitors and Sponsors will be invited to a private VIP networking event on opening night. A networking lounge is also available to conference ticket holders.

Innovators' Showcase

Ranging from students and startups to established industry leaders, where you might find anything from Smart Devices, 3D Printing, IoT (Internet of Things), and meet some of the brightest young minds and companies pushing the envelope with the latest products, services, and demos.

Experience Showcase

Try out the latest games, prototypes and experiential spaces from indie and AAA studios before anyone else! Wide area free roam roomscale, state of the art treadmills, escape rooms, multiplayer Augmented Reality combat, and mind blowing indie titles. Meet face-to-face with the developers, artists and programmers!

Premiere Workshop: Exploring New Narrative Structures and Approaches in Spatialized Media

FRIDAY JUNE 15th only! Pre-conference day. As a follow up to 2017’s sold out Film & TV Industry onboarding workshop, this full-day workshop brings major thought leaders together to examine how our stories are changing and how to approach narrative structure in spatialized and embodied media. Requires a separate dedicated ticket or All Access pass (pre-registration required).

Experiential Design, Cognition, Psychedelics, Immersive Theater

What insights can VR could provide into the nature of consciousness and our understanding the nature of reality. What can these underlying patterns of altered states of consciousness show us best practices for experiential design? How are immersive technology, theater and cinema recursively influencing one another today? What are the new opportunities and ideas at this horizon?

Augmented Reality Zone

Meet developers, designers and entrepreneurs at the forefront of the Augmented Reality technology space with thoughtful, creative and even provocative demos that examine how this transformative technology will change the landscape, culture and the economy.

Health Applications for VR, including Wearables

From personal wearable health tech, to CBT and NLP, to surgery and pain mitigation, to mindfulness and transcendentalism. Data visualization, biometrics wearables, emotional AI and more will be covered!

Intensive Training

Educational and skill-development tracks. Two separate days.

Day 1  focused on many advanced imaging techniques: 3D scanning on high and low budgets. Volumetric capture and depth maps. Spherical post production workflow from Academy Award and NAB best in show winners in mono and stereoscopic and VFX pipelines.

Day 2 – focused on approaches to interactive experience design – from a foundational lecture on building VR experiences to architectural design, code-free solutions and even aesthetic approaches for creating unique interactive immersive experiences from a host of seasoned experts. Some of the products covered include BrioVR, ModBox, Unity, Touch Designer and more.

Game Development and Jams

Meet a diverse cross-section of VR, AR, AAA and indie game developers in both digital and meatspace. VRTO helps to build bridges between the many communities of the game development world using a variety of methods, not limited to training, game jams, experimental play time, network events and showcases. Bring your ideas and tools and learn something new while building meaningful new relationships! Get training from world-class game designers, and discuss the future for VR and AR game development, the industry, best practices, and new technologies.

Special Exhibits - Attractions

FIVARS Summer Preview Immersive Content Pavilion

Be the very first to experience a special collection FIVARS 2018 selections and winners from previous years at the VRTO summer preview! An Immersive content pavilion experience curated by FIVARS (The Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories) hosted inside the iglooVision surround theater, featuring the best immersive story-driven content from around the world with the aim of exploring and nurturing this platform for new narrative forms including several world premieres and their producers, directors and actors!

2018 Gold Sponsors

VRTO could not be possible with the generous support of our sponsors


Premier Sponsors

VRTO could not be possible with the generous support of our sponsors

VRTO 2018 Bronze Sponsors!

VRTO could not be possible with the generous support of our sponsors

VRTO 2018 Community Sponsors!

VRTO could not be possible with the generous support of our sponsors


VRTOC2018 is very grateful to our media partners and friends for helping to connect the communities together. If you are interested in helping to spread the word about the VRTO Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & EXPO 2018, and reaching the heart of the Canadian entertainment and tech industry, please see the contact section below.

2018 Strategic Partners

VRTOC2018 is very grateful to our community partners for supporting us in building an important platform for the Experiential Technologies industry domestically and abroad. If you are interested in helping to spread the word about the VRTO Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & EXPO 2018, and reaching the international Spatial Media industry through the heart of the Canadian entertainment and tech industry, please see the contact section below.

Augmented World Expo

2018 Exhibitors

Business and Administrative Contacts

The VRTO Conference and Expo is for all ages over 13, though some demos may not accommodate minors. Tickets are non-refundable. VRTO attendance does not guarantee access to any particular demo, but rather the event as a whole.

By attending Virtual Reality Toronto Conference and Expo 2018 (aka “VRTO Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference and Expo,” “VRTO Con,” or “VRTOC”) at [location to be determined] (“the Location”) on June15th – 18th, 2018, you release VRTO Conference and Expo, the Location, all of the event’s organizers, volunteers, employees, exhibitors, vendors and contractors from any and all liability – financial or otherwise – that may arise from my attendance at the above mentioned event. You are hereby aware that some people experience nausea, disorientation, motion sickness, general discomfort, headaches or other health issues when experiencing virtual reality.

Your entry signals your agreement to take full responsibility for these or any other consequences that may arise from attendance at VRTO Conference and Expo. Be aware that some content being exhibited is in an unfinished, prototype state, and may heighten the above sensations. Demo experiences are explicitly not intended for users under 13 years of age, and your entry signals your agreement to take full responsibility for any use of virtual reality or any other technologies exhibited at VRTO Conference and Expo by any minors in your care. By remaining on the premises you agree you will not pursue legal action against VRTO Conference and Expo, the Location, any of the event’s organizers, volunteers, employees, exhibitors, vendors, or contractors for any damages – real or perceived – arising from attendance at VRTO Conference and Expo. If you do not wish to be subject to the foregoing, please do not attend VRTO Conference and Expo.

Your attendance signals your irrevocable consent to, and authorization without compensation for VRTO, its successors, assigns, contractors and other film crews permitted by the VRTO to film at VRTO Conference and Expo, to use your likeness, voice, and to make video and audio recordings of your attendance at VRTO Conference and Expo. You are hereby aware of such recording, and relinquish your rights to any compensation for any release of these recordings in any media now extant or to be devised in the future. If you do not wish to be subject to the foregoing, please do not attend VRTO Conference and Expo.

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