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Space as Story

In this workshop, Steve will be using examples from Gone Home and Tacoma to provide techniques and ways of thinking about shaping the player’s narrative experience through the arrangement of virtual space, in ways that might apply to both VR and traditional narrative-focused interactive experiences.

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Artistry of the Future: How AR/VR is Revolutionizing the Creative Process

Creative Director, Dave Cardwell (I-Robot, Lord of the Rings, King Kong) will discuss how both novice and professional artists will soon be able to create, collaborate and distribute their work like never before.

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After the Stitch: VFX Techniques for 360 Video with Ross Shain of Mocha VR

No more paint and clone! Academy Award-winning product designer, Ross Shain will show how to finish 360 video with Mocha VR’s powerful planar tracking and masking tools. Removing camera rigs, shadows and unwanted elements are common tasks in 360 post-production. Mocha VR is optimized to automate these tasks as a plug-in inside Adobe, Avid, Fusion, Nuke and more.

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